This is a product from the Teaching Methodology Office of the Law School of São Paulo (FGV DIREITO SP) that gathers academics and scientific works from the Center in one place, with an easy, quick and free access! It hosts the Active Legal Education Materials Database, an online collection of education and learning material from professors who prepare the classes based in the role of the student, and the results from the Observatory on Legal Education.

  • The Active Legal Education Materials Database is a collection of classes’ plans and didactic materials that involve participative methods of education.

  • The Observatory on Legal Education systematizes and analyses data about the profile of legal education in Brazil with the goal of qualifying the discussion about the theme.

  • The ESDRAS Award aims and disseminates the identification of good practices of participative education that can contribute to the increase of quality of the legal education in Brazil.


    The Teaching Methodology Office develops researches related to the legal education in Brazil, with the goal of aggregate data and expands the debate about the theme. Follow us to know when the results will be published!

  • The Democratical Legal education Project seeks to bring notions of human rights beyond higher education. 

  • The Teaching Course Program is offered either in campus or through the FGV ONLINE platform, and it has the goal to qualify the performance of legal professors inside the classroom.

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