Scientific Initiation "Bolsa Família"

Bolsa família
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This activity was intended to encourage the research and the development of critical thinking students through the study of the subject "Bolsa Família" by the use of pedagogic tools of self-directed learning based on the theories of Pedagogical emancipation.


- GENERAL OBJECTIVESGOALS: this activity is inserted in the course’s objective, aiming at graduating professionals with critical points of view, with condition of active participation in the production-learning process and dissemination of knowledge.

- SPECIFIC OBJECTIVESGOALS: the students researched about social rights, a content that is in in the course’s Introduction to Law Studies and Political Science.

- DEVELOPED ABILITIES: It was sought to develop reading comprehension skills, legal argumentation and criticism. 


- TEACHING METHOD: critical reading, problems-based learning and academic literacy.

- REQUIREMENTS: in relation to the students, the preparation was done outside of the classroom through research on websites and doctrinal works about the project theme chosen by themselves.

In relation to the professor, there was an intense follow-up work of students at all stages, but with special care to assist students in steps, so that the work was developed based on their desires and wishes, aiming at the motivation of the research about legal contents.

DEVELOPMENT OF THE DYNAMICS: At first, the scientific initiation project was presented to the students by the explanation of the stages and objectives to be followed. The students begun the work bringing with them cognitive aspects from their pre-understanding, culture, historicity, and their previous knowledge that were linked to their understanding and interpretation to the themes that would carry them to the criticality and necessary learning.

After that, there was a random distribution of pages from a newspaper of the class date where the students could read, choose the news, interpret it and present it to the rest of the class. Additionally, the presentation begun and the discussion about the theme that was more controversial through elaborated questions made by the main professor and students. It was chosen the theme that was more interesting to the majority: the governmental program “Bolsa Família”. Thus, it started the discussion about several elements of this program based on previous knowledge. After the theme definition for the next meeting, there were determined research objectives to be fulfilled from relative contents on the governmental program – Bolsa Família through websites and doctrinal works. Then, the students passed to a next stage of actualization of autonomous studies searching the aggregation of new knowledge to the previous one including cultural and historical.

During the next group meeting, there was a discussion about the knowledge acquired with a scope to present questioning, explanatory hypotheses for the objectives definition and objectives for a second autonomous study. The students had the opportunity to present the research result. In addition, some points were not clarified, then they were mentioned as a subject for a next meeting: Who was Ruth Cardoso? What are the goals of the governmental program Bolsa Família? Could be assisted by the program a foreign who is nationalized or not?

At the third meeting, the previous doubts were answered with a faculty presentation as a result of the second research. The faculty concluded that the people assisted by the program should have other possibilities and social enhancing options. The professor advisor begun the discussion process about what could be these possibilities and how they should be done. The students brought the discussion about how to motivate the people assisted by the “Bolsa “Família” to participate of meetings for awareness of the significance to look for information and how to search other tools of aid to the poor population. It was a meeting based on brainstorming. One of the students mentioned that the people assisted who received the salary from the “Bolsa Família” by going to lottery houses should receive the approach to provide information because it would be a perfect moment. However, she verified that they receive the money worried in beginning the search for consume due to their necessities. So, that situation would not be the ideal moment, but it could serve for a delivery of an invitation or an informative guide. In the end of this meeting, it was determined that on the next meeting the students should present the event options destined to help the assisted people. Thus, they would build subthemes for the stage analysis.

At the fourth meeting, there were presented the following suggestions: lecture about the problems arising from drug use; about professional contents, like how to fill a curriculum, how to present in a job interview, how to complement a familiar income, how to help their children with school homework, courses for pregnant women; sexual education for teenagers; course about organic grade using recyclable material for home use and finally a lecture about nutrition.

At the fifth meeting, there ways for implementing events were analyzed. Aiming the activity’s finish, connected to the end of the semester, the students concluded that the project was really relevant because they could link previous knowledge to the researched ones and also they could promote the development to the assisted people helping them at the economics and social sides. Some students brought in works about the “Bolsa Família” theme aiming at the aggregation of other knowledge and information. 


- GRADE EVALUATION: this work has not an evaluative character and aimed the addition of hours to the Course Activity Curriculum. 

Activity Details


Scientific Initiation Project - “Bolsa Família”


Universidade Salgado de Oliveira – Universo BH

Concentration area: 

  • Political Science; Law Theory

Discipline : 

Law Study Introduction – 1st period


  • Undergraduate

Key words: 

  • Problem-Based Learning
  • On Academic Literacy and of the Cognitive Flexibility/Critical Census
  • Bolsa Família
  • Autonomous learning

Number of students: 


Time of application: 

30 hours


Guilherme Forma Klafke


Licença Creative Commons
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribuição-NãoComercial-CompartilhaIgual 4.0 Internacional

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