We, at the Teaching Methodology Office from the FGV DREITO SP, believe that the education centered in the student is the main tool to make the legal education better in our country. To disseminate this practical experience, we systematized our methods of education and faculty experience in books, videos, e-books and taught courses for law professors from all over Brazil, with the main goal of making them capable to utilize the participative education in their own classes. 


The Teaching Methodology Office makes a strong effort to follow and help the professors of FGV DIREITO SP. Periodic meetings are done to make sure that all the professors can have the chance to debate their course plans, class work, and other issues related to the education.



In the first half of 2015, FGV DIREITO SP signed a partnership with the National Magistrates School of Formation and Improvement - NMSFI (Escola Nacional de Formação e Aperfeiçoamento dos Magistrados - ENFAM) to offer teaching improvement laboratories for all magistrate professors, who act inside the judiciary schools all over the country. The meetings will occur in different places and will have the active participation of magistrates’ crew in the creation of excellent cases and didactic material! This partnership already resulted in the Jewish Judge case and the judicial ethics inside the Active Legal Education Materials Database, which will be accompanied of a lot of different materials.