Company Constitution

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Descrição da atividade


The students, over six classes, develop the concepts of corporate law in an applied way, from the formation of an ice-cream shop. The activity works the oral expression and writing skills.


The goal is to teach the first concepts of corporate law from a perspective applied and also to wake the students for the theme.


- TEACHING METHOD: case study, debate and simulation.
- REQUIREMENTS: every class, it was sent to the student an obligatory previous reading in general about the doctrine, referring to the conceptual content that would be used in class.
- INTRODUCTION TO THE DYNAMICS: the narrative about the context of society, the characteristics and conditions of each future member of the ice cream shop were presented by the professor at the beginning of each activity dynamics.
- DEVELOPMENT OF THE DYNAMICS: the students received a report about the three partners of the company (attachments) and endeavored in important concepts such as social capital and equity difference, responsibility, forms-making, conflict resolution, always applied to that company. In the first part of the dynamic, the students were dedicated to the formation of the assets of the company, such as: what is the social capital, its requirements and practical perspective. In the second part, the students payed attention to the governance questions such as allocation of decisions and conditions for participation in accordance with the company's structure, delimiting occasions and powers, etc. Finally, they had the opportunity to examine how it would be possible to get out of society and what were the possible limitations to impose to this point. Additionally, each class narrative was expanded and the students received a new fact to work other concepts. The goal was that students were able to articulate the demand for all three partners. The students presented possible solutions for the questions and the professor discussed with the class each of these alternatives, besides the presentation of other, which eventually were not considered by the students. In the last meeting, the class was divided into four groups, with all the characters in each of them, and internally to the group they made a point of the social contract trade without interference from the professor. Each group had unique information that other groups did not have. Lastly, the groups drew up the first draft of a social contract (Ltda.), and a social status, and also they emitted opinions for the most suitable type of ownership for the viability of an ice-cream shop.
- END OF THE DYNAMICS: the professor conducted a detailed closure of the activity, relating it to the conceptual content of corporate law.
- ATTETTION IN THE CLASSROOM: very large groups do not work. Finally, the professor needs to establish the concept for students, so they can learn clearly. 


The dynamics makes up part of the participation grade and the social contract grade delivered composes the work grade. 


The dynamics was based on the book of David Kershaw called Company Law in Context: Text and materials, Oxford, 2ª ed., 2012.
If you want to get confidential information of each character in the third part of the activity, please contact the Teaching Methodology Office of FGV Direito SP or directly with the responsible professor for the activity.


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Activity Details


Company Constitution



Concentration area: 

  • Business Law
  • Corporate Law

Discipline : 

Business Law II


  • Undergraduate

Key words: 

  • Administration
  • Society constitution
  • Social contract
  • patrimony

Number of students: 

From 20 to 40

Time of application: 

more than 4 hours


Diogo Rais Moreira
Fernanda Tie Yamamoto
Luiza Andrade Corrêa
Vitória Oliveira


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribuição-NãoComercial-CompartilhaIgual 4.0 Internacional

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