Informative Citizen Guide

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This activity was destined to serve as an incentive to the research and the student critical sense formulation through the report elaboration about the law and children duties. 


- GENERAL GOALS: This activity is inserted in the course’s objective, within its perspective of graduate professionals with a critical position, it has an active participation during the learning process, knowledge production and dissemination, hitching the individual historicity to the society necessities.

- SPECIFIC GOALS: the students researched about the children rights and duties, which is inserted on the Civil Law class. Additionally, the students researched about crimes against children in the Penal Law context.

- DEVELOPED ABILITIES: It was pretended to develop the written expression and the legal written adequate to target public. 


- TEACHING METHOD: critical reading, academic literacy, and cognitive flexibility.

- REQUIREMENTS: In relation to the students, the preparation consisted in researches, doctrinal readings and websites about the children’s rights and duties.

In relation to the professor, there was not only one work of stimulating reasoning and student motivation, but also a context social analysis and its demands with the scope to exercise the social responsibility through information to the community.

- DEVELOPMENT OF THE DYNAMICS: Initially, the students were stimulated to write a report about the doctrinal work. They had to limit the theme to develop the activity and begin a doctrinal research inside government official websites about children rights and duties. At this stage, it was used the learning tool of academic literacy. Additionally, they elaborated a guide making the concepts deconstruction and posterior building by an easy language understanding and available to children to transform the content built in a primer guide. In order to scope and disclose the information mainly for children manual to students, they participated of the delivery of the Citizen Informative Guide to the communities (Middle schools I) existing around the UNIVERSO BH, moment in which they ministered a lecture to children about the theme that was talked at the guide.

- ATTENTION IN THE CLASSROOM: There was zeal at putting the theme limit and to use clear and objective language destined to the target public: children


- GRADE EVALUATION: This work has not an evaluative character, but it was added to the curriculum hours destined to the complementary Course Activity. 

Activity Details


Informative Citizen Guide


Universidade Salgado de Oliveira – Universo BH

Concentration area: 

  • Civil Law; Diffuse Rights (Children and Adolescent)

Discipline : 

Civil Law – 2nd semester


  • Undergraduate

Key words: 

  • Guide of rights and duties
  • Citizenship
  • Children rights and duties

Number of students: 


Time of application: 

30 hours


Guilherme Forma Klafke


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